/fxy.re/ is coming soon

fxy.re will be a generative art platform on Cardano, specialized in minting customizable NFTs and providing tools for on-chain code NFTs.

  • customizable NFT minting for generative art
  • on-chain NFT tools for creators
  • on-chain NFT tools for collectors: resolution scaler, code to video right-click-save-as, ...
  • directory and live statistics for on-chain NFTs

fxy.re test collection

Currently can't be minted and only obtained in giveaways. Free mint for testers later. Click on the previews to watch them on pool.pm.






A 100% on-chain (code + preview) collection created with complex functions.

Rorschach Algorithm Beasts: Community Collection

coming soon. You can already use the Beast Creator to create your custom Beast!

customize your beast

holders exclusive mint

continously evolves forever

pick your favorite seed


choose background color

1 for each OG beast

incl. hi-res renderer

compatible with NFT frames
A Rorschach Algorithm Beasts NFT (OG Beast) is needed to mint a Community Collection beast. Each OG Beast can be used only once to mint a custom Beast. Seed names are generally first come first serve with some exceptions.

2022 fxy.re, updated: Nov. 19 2022